Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Back Home.

Welcome to the very first post dedicated to Townies, the comic book written and illustrated by yours truly. Townies is more than just a comic. It's about life, love, work, friends, and everything in between.
There are no superheroes flying around. No time vortex wielding villains with a plot to destroy the universe. The characters and events are all based (albeit loosely) on real people, real happenings, and real situations. Now don't get me wrong, I love spandex clad adventurers just as much as the next geek. I would probably sell my soul to work on Batman, or cut off my left pinky to draw Spider-Man. But nobody has a costumed vigilante actually patrolling their city. I don't know anyone personally that has gotten powers from a radioactive spider bite. If I do, they certainly are doing an excellent job of keeping it a secret. With Townies, I wanted to create a story that when you read it, you can identify with it. When you pick it up, I want readers to think "hey, I know a guy JUST like that!" or "that very same thing happened to ME."

Every character in Townies is based off of someone i know, or a combination of people. I didn't sit down and think "Okay, this guy is going to be six foot four, and have the ability to split a car in half with his pecker... 'Cause THAT would be COOL." I had the intent from the beginning to create an experience that provides escapism without being unrealistic. That being said, don't think that some crazy, off the wall, "Damn, that would NEVER happen" moments don't pop up. Did the main character really dump his ex-girlfriend for starring in a donkey show, and posting the video to the world wide web? Probably not. Is that out of the realm of possibility? Nope.

It's not all dick and fart jokes either. Creative, witty dialogue, poignant situations, and life choices are peppered throughout the journeys of the inhabitants of the fictional college town of Bradleydale.

Over the coming months, I'll be updating this blog with artwork, stories, and anecdotes that all go into the creation of Townies.

Thanks for reading, and stay tuned.

Townies. Based on a true story. Kind of.

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