Thursday, November 3, 2011

Black and white Vs. CMYK. FIGHT!

There is a certain attitude some people have that black and white books aren't as good as color books. Now, most of the time, I will never blast one person's opinion. But for those jackasses that think black and white is inferior to color: You're stupid.

Some of the very best books ever produced were in black and white. American Splendor. Anything done by Crumb. The Walking Dead. Sin City. Hell, Japan sells BILLIONS of dollars worth of Manga every year, most of which is in black and white.

Nobody can argue that anything was lost because the previously mentioned titles lost anything due to them being in black and white. In fact, one could argue that if they were in color, they wouldn't have the same appeal. I sit on that side of the argument.

Among the amazing books I read as a youth, the ones that shaped my perception of comics, one stood out, head and shells above the rest. TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES. The pen and ink, coupled with the tones used, captivated my young mind, and still resonates today. This is one of the reasons that Townies will skip the ever so popular four color printing process, and opt for a more economical, yet still very effective black and white technique. It's faster, easier, and has a certain appeal that color books don't.

And hey, if you're colorblind, you get a double bonus.

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